About Us

Oakfield is a co-educational school committed to academic excellence and providing education for all round development of he student. The school provides an invigorating and competitive atmosphere, created by excellent facilities and guidance provided by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

The Students

The age entry to school is at 2+

The age entry to Class I is at 5+

Oakfield children spend a year in Playgroup and Nursery.

The student to teacher ratio is kept low. This ensures that all children get individual attention from the teacher. Children of different levels of abilities and different types of abilities are all integrated in a single class. Academic excellence awards are given to students for consistently high levels of performance through the years.The school provides Day-boarding classes also. Children with specific subject learning problems use the private study time to clarify their doubts from the teachers.

The Staff

Mrs. Vimlesh Sharma is the Principal of Oakfield Public School. In Oakfield the senior and junior sections are closely integrated. Though many of the systems in the two sections are quite independent, most teachers of the school are involved in activities or classes in both. There is no aspect of Oakfield Public School that functions in isolation. The school has an excellent student-staff ratio, ensuring personal attention for each and every child.

All teachers teaching academic subjects have a degree in education, apart from a graduate degree in their subject areas. Most of them hold Masters degrees as well. The office staff who handle administration and accounts too have a very close and informal interaction with the students and teaching staff.

Parent School Interaction

Parents are encouraged and expected to play an important role in the school life of an Oakfield student. Parents can come in during Parent-Teacher Meetings to meet the staff and discuss the progress of their children. For more detailed discussions, parents or teachers can always fix an appointment any day of the week. Formal meetings are held with the parents, class teachers, subject teachers and all the students of the board classes (Classes 8 and 10) to discuss and plan academic charts.

Other Parent School Communication

Class VIII and X individual meetings

Individual Meetings on Request

Frequent Class meetings

School Diaries

Phone Messages to parents

Telephone calls to/ from parents

Mobile application (NEW)

Letters from teachers / heads to parents

School Circulars